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The Imaginarium World by John Adrian Tomlin

It all started with the introduction of a new game machine called The Imaginarium Machine. It was a breakthrough in technology, not only in the gaming world, but also in communication and interaction. It allows the user to play in their mind instead of on a television. You can even go online to play with others all over the world. The mind is in complete control while the machine is in use, so you are aware of the real world while you play. It’s a wild and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, unaware to anyone, hackers attacked the network that somehow trapped everyone inside.

 This world has changed ever since the Legion incident. People are panicking as they try to run away from the brainwashed zombies. They kidnap the normals, and they turn them by forcefully putting the Imaginarium Machine on their heads and sedating them. Little by little, normal people will become endangered. There are still pockets of normals here and there hiding underground…